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Will Liu is an Exercise-to-Earn Sport-Fi project created by fans of Liu, players earn $Liu tokens by doing exercises with Will Liu NFTs. Earn good profits while living a healthy life.

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Liu & Jay IDO Launchpad

The Launchpad is the next main point of what will be the $Liu & $Jay ecosystem. In order to really create a positive energy in the cryptocurrency industry and get rid of all scams, we decided to make $Liu and $Jay the IDO base for our partnership projects. It provides the best projects and teams with the opportunity to raise funds, thus further increasing investor interest. Here, users in the ecosystem can invest through affordable whitelist sales. Liu and Jay proved that Chinese music is the most dope, we will prove that Chinese IDO platform is the most dope in blockchain, welcome domestic and foreign projects to discuss cooperation.

How to participate?

Buy/hold $Liu&$Jay tokens. Put yourself on the whitelist level before each IDO snapshot is closed.For holders who are whitelisted and guaranteed to be assigned, the following number of tokens should be held before each IDO project pre-sale will snapshot (minus the black hole as well as the project party address).


A. Level 1 (Diamond level) priority, 0 to 3 minutes pre-sale:
Top 50 $Liu holders
Top 50 $Jay holders
B. Level 2 (Platinum) priority, 3 to 6 minutes pre-sale:
51st to 120th $Liu holders
31st to 60th $Jay holders
C. Level 3 (Gold) first, 6 to 10 minutes pre-sale:
121st to 160th $Liu holders
61st to 100th $Jay holders
D. Level 4 (Silver) first, 10-15 minutes presale:
161st to 252nd $Liu holders
101st to140th $Jay holders
E. Level 4 (Bronze) first, 15-20 minutes pre-sale:
253rd to 300th $Liu holders
141st to 180th $Jay holder

Exercise & earn with Will Liu

With our Sport-Fi Dapp, players earn $Liu tokens by doing exercises with Will Liu NFTs.

Coming Soon


We are fully community-driven and all decisions will be voted by our DAO members.

In April 2022, $Liu token will be launched on Pancake Swap after the Pinksale presale, the contract will be audited at the same time,after launch, the ownership of the contract will be announced.

The Global Will Liu DAO Community will be founded into three sections: fitness, music, and performing. Community members will be able to upload videos of Liu Hong like "Materia Medica", "Dragon Fist" or other fitness exercises, covering music for Liu or his partners like Jay Chou, imitating his movies and TV shows, etc. The weekly, monthly and annual winners will be selected and awarded with $Liu tokens after voting by community members.

Will Liu NFTs be released in three series: Will Liu, Will Liu's homies, and Will Liu's artworks. The NFTs will focus on his artwork and his aerobics, his family members like ViVi, his imitators such as "Will Liu Girls", his homies, and his artworks, etc. Players will do aerobics with Will Liu NFT, singing together and performing together. Players will earn tokens through different scenes of card games such as doing fitness exercises, singing, and performing together.

In Q4 2022, our Exercise-to-earn Sport-Fi Dapp will be released With the Dapp, players earn $Liu tokens by doing exercises with Will Liu NFTs.

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000

  • Initial Burn: 48.7%
  • Public IDO: 14.3%
  • Pancake LP: 10%
  • Ecosystem: 10%
  • Partners: 2%
  • Team: 3%
  • OKC & ETH: 10%


Buy Tax: 3%
1% LP + 1% Marketing + 1% Burn
Sell Tax: 5%
2% LP + 2% Marketing + 1% Burn